Hello! I'm Maui!

(aka Bella Muerte/Lykishkeane)

Maui's self-portrait
Maui's self-portrait

I’m the creator of Sauntering Boots and also a Freelance Writer/ Blogger/Amateur Photographer/ Illustrator/Potato Junkie based in Japan, who is constantly looking for scenic spots to write and shoot with my ‘Instagram Husband.’

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Sauntering Boots is a Travel and Lifestyle Blog that aims to be your guide in ‘Adulting,’ living abroad and traveling.

This site was inspired by the blogs that helped me survive my life in Japan on my own.
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When I was still residing in my home country, the Philippines, I had the benefit of just asking my friends and family for support, but I lost that when I moved to Japan for work. This was the moment that taught me how to be independent. I then became resourceful in solving my problems, which is mostly asking Google for help. But because of this, I discovered tons of blogs that gave me useful ideas and solutions, motivating me to help others through my writing.

 I then started writing blogs about my life in Japan on City-Cost, share my travel experience on Instagram, and luckily became a Freelance Travel Contributor for Gaijinpot. 

And now, I’m pursuing this quest in Sauntering Boots.

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I go by a lot of pen names, but here are the ones I used the most.

Sauntering Boots

I love aimlessly walking around while listening to music and day-dreaming, hence I used the word ‘saunter’ and combined it with ‘boots’ because I love wearing them, especially when I’m lazy to dress up, yet I still want to look great!


It’s my nickname.

Bella Muerte

I mostly use this when I write or do some illustrations. I got it from My Chemical Romance’s The Jetset Life is Going to Kill You— one of my favorite songs.

I know what it means. And yes, I had an EMO phase LOL.


It’s pronounced as, ‘lie-kish- keen.’

I’m a big fan of the English rock band, Keane, so I used it together with my made-up word ‘lykish’ — which is my creative way of saying ‘like.’ It used to be my alias in Instagram.