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Kawachi Wisteria Garden Fukuoka

5 Best Spots for Wisterias in Fukuoka

Wisterias in Fukuoka blooms around mid-April to early May, coloring its cities purple and scenting it with a sweet aroma comparable to orchids. It might not be as popular as Cherry Blossoms, but these purple gems are equally striking and vibrant.

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Filipino-French Couple

10 Cultural Differences of a Filipino-French Couple

The courtship between a Filipino and French seems refreshing and thrilling. Their contrasting customs and traditions feel like a movie with an “opposite-attracts” narrative. But, as soon as reality kicks in, are “cultural differences” still adorable or just tolerable?

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Making Digital Illustrations using Procreate

My PROCREATE Review: Switching to Digital

Procreate is a Digital Illustration application that you can use with your iPad and has become popular because of intuitive system. However, for those traditional artists thinking of going digital, is it the perfect medium to use or there are better options?

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Visiting Schengen Country

How to Get French SCHENGEN VISA in Japan for FILIPINOS

As of 2019, the Japanese (along with Singaporeans) have the “MOST POWERFUL” passport, making it easy for them to visit Europe. However, Philippine passport holders  STILL NEED A SCHENGEN VISA even though they are expats in a powerful country, like Japan.

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HELLO! I’m Maui!

I’m the creator of Sauntering Boots and also a Freelance Writer/ Blogger/Amateur Photographer/ Illustrator/Potato Junkie based in Japan, who is constantly looking for scenic spots to write and shoot with my ‘Instagram Husband.’

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